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As developer and owner of this group I want to share some "secrets" with you so read it very carefully.. \r\n\r\nThe first little "secret" is that

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As developer and owner of this group I want to share some "secrets" with you so read it very carefully.

The first little "secret" is that I am 100% deaf and spend 10+ years working for myself and developing, testing and rebuild this marketing system and if it worked and still works for me as deaf business owner you can benefit much more from it. (This current system took me only about 2 weeks to build and was based on all these years of experience and testing).

To understand why and how it's to your benefit think about the following.

If I was not deaf and a normal business owner: I can just build a marketing group, get web hosting clients and screw the rest.

But because I am deaf, even a massive marketing system don't help because it fall flat at conversion stage (the world lowest conversion ratio at 0.02% out of many thousands interested clients) so what I now do is 1) YOU become my client at low cost and 2) YOU can now use the whole system for yourself. That make sense or what?

The second little "secret" is that everything was REALLY 100% build on the base of "It's Your Group", Unity is Power and co-operation so all that you need to do is to take mental "co-ownership" of the whole system.

You see my profile, business, links etc everywhere but it's because I had to add all the initial CONTENT such as the articles myself for development purposes and if you replace the about 32 "example articles" with YOUR ARTICLES I can just remove the examples and your profile, business, links etc will be promoted everywhere. (4 Articles for each of the 8 categories as displayed on the homepage plus 4 reviews and 4 videos).


The previous systems helped me to grow my business and clients but I took it down a little more than two years ago to rebuild for a new "partnership" but it appeared the "partner" was just interested in my concepts and systems and until now I still struggle to get new clients WITHOUT the marketing group so I decided to rebuild it with a lot of improvements because I KNOW it works.